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We are here with the product which can use for packing boxes, sign boards, advertisement display and many more. It is all up to you; how when and where you want to use this corrugated boards / Flute Board. They are available in multi colours, sizes and thickness.
We can make any shape of Plastic Corrugated Sheets / Fluted Board
: Application :
Advertising Display  

For advertising jobs, we can use solvent-based inks with excellent adhesion to print many different designs on the Fluted Board.

For Example, statement, pictures, logos, symbols, etc.

For both indoor and outdoor advertising objectives, we can also easily die-cut sticker with the designed logos and symbols and adhere them into the plastic corrugated sheets (Fluted Board)

Packaging Products  

Fluted Board, in different sizes, forms and colour shades, together with aluminium reinforced supports for ultimate product performance, can be made into industrial packaging products to contain the ongoing-processed products in the production assembly line inside the manufacturing plants and in the transportation process that requires packaging durability and versatility.

With easy, convenience and effectiveness can these products be arranged, stored, stacked, cleaned and recycled. To identify the ownership of these packaging products, specific logos and lettered can be printed on products.

Board and Partition  
To prevent the finished products from shape distortion, Fluted Board, is made into various partitions for packaging products used in industrial business and many other corporate settings. For some special cases, Foam, which comes in different sizes and forms for the ultimate product performance, can be supported not only for the impact prevention appropriately in the production process. The transportation and the inventory storage but also for firmly and neatly packing the products of different sizes.
Premium Products  
For the most beneficial displays purposes, packaging products made of plastic corrugated board (Fluted Board,) with a wide range of beautiful colours shades can be indefinitely modified into various forms suitable for making a variety of packaging products and display stands.
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